What’s New With Me: 3 Life Updates

1. I’m going back to the workforce. 

I want to secure my financial future.

Holding down a predictable income stream will relieve the pressure of feeling like my creative endeavors have to pay off overnight.

I won’t be stopping there.

Landing a job will only give me a foundation from which to build, and rest assured, I will never stop writing or creating.

Last week, I posted on LinkedIn that I was officially on the job market. Never in a million years would I have notified my entire professional network that I would be open to work. However, I had a unique opportunity and I needed to seize it.

Most people tend to keep their job search quiet to mitigate the risk of having their current employer find out they’re leaving.

I’m lucky enough to not have that concern.

Opening up my search to my network is already bringing forward some opportunities that I otherwise would have missed, and I’m thankful to those who want to help me.

More importantly, sharing that post on LinkedIn had been on my spirit for at least three weeks. I gave myself time to sit with it to know whether it was the right move.

A version of me from the past would have been too scared. 

What will people think? 

Now I have pressure to find something quickly. 

Not everyone will be rooting for my success. I’m not naïve. 

Present-day me is wise enough to remind myself that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to secure your financial future. And to ask for help while doing it.

Best-case scenario, people will want to help and they already have. Worst case, they’ll bear witness to my journey, and that’s okay. 

No one cares about your career as much as you do.

You’re the only one who’s living your life day-to-day.

You get to decide how to make the most of it. 

2. I’ve returned to the gym. 

In the last 71 days since I’ve been back from my extended holidays, I’ve worked out 27 times. At this rate, I can shoot for 150 workouts in 2022.

I started a system in February that works well for me, and I’ve been in the best physical shape of this entire pandemic thus far.

If I continue on this path, I could get into the best physical shape of my life. Wouldn’t that be something!

Photo by Li Sun: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-woman-sitting-and-raising-dumbbells-2475875/

3. I’m reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

It first came recommended to me months ago when I told someone I wanted to write for a living. 

I forgot about it entirely until Youtuber Lynette Adkins reminded me. 

Reading this book has me embarking on a mini-spiritual journey to reclaim my intrinsically artistic and creative self. 

The book provides tasks to execute and insights to ruminate over during the course of 12 weeks. I’m at the start of Week 8. 

Funny thing is, I unknowingly adopted two core principles from the book years ago: Morning Pages and Artist Dates. 

Morning Pages are a writing practice where you journal every morning before starting your day.

Artist Dates encourage you to embrace your own company and tend to your inner child, your artist. 

Shortly after entering the workforce when I graduated from college eight years ago, I committed to these two practices for, coincidentally, 12 whole weeks. 

I journaled and wrote 1000 words every morning before going to work. In addition, I took myself on weekly dates around the city – just me, myself, and I. This practice led me to conduct some deep inner work that transformed my life and led me to my now-husband. 

I found it validating that I unknowingly adopted the same practices from this author whose big mission is to connect you to your creativity.

I’ll circle back with more takeaways after I finish the book and the full 12 weeks. 

Closing Thoughts

  • I’m committed to remaining true to myself during the job search. I pray for the courage to be honest with myself. Living your truth is the most surefire way to fulfill your calling and achieve your wildest dreams.
  • There’s so much more I want to write about and share with you all, so I’ll be sure to write again next Monday. 
  • My goal for April is to move with ease, purpose, and confidence. I know what’s for me is going to be for me. So I leave you with a quote from one of my peers that has provided me with comfort during this new season.

“What’s for you is going to be for you. So I don’t stress myself if I misstep or something goes wrong. That’s just the journey of it. Having that confidence and belief that I’m on the right path, knowing that if I just stay at it, then things will work out for the better – that’s what keeps me from getting overwhelmed.”

Chey Savoy

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