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‘Tis the Season! To Get Rid of Anything That No Longer Serves You 

Greetings earthlings!  Last week, I said I’d post on Monday (the 20th), and guess what… I forgot! 🙈 The day got away from me. Have you ever felt like you go into a trance while deep cleaning the house? 🧹🧼 Especially in advance of the holidays when you’re extra motivated to get it done?  I […]

A Sign Post in my Writing Journey

(Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash) No catchy titles, no attention-grabbing intro. Just sharing what’s on my spirit.  Here’s the thing.  I notice my evolution on WordPress in my short 10 months on the platform.  I love WordPress for the intentions that brought me here: to find my voice, to house my thoughts in one place, to […]

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