What’s New With Me: 3 Life Updates

1. I’m going back to the workforce.  I want to secure my financial future. Holding down a predictable income stream will relieve the pressure of feeling like my creative endeavors have to pay off overnight. I won’t be stopping there. Landing a job will only give me a foundation from which to build, and rest […]

Reflections on Creating Content on Medium and YouTube

Everyone needs a little place to call their own. A sanctuary. Somewhere to rest and let their hair down to be themselves. To me, that’s been this blog here on WordPress. My corner of the internet where I get to simply be. Others have a Youtube channel, a Medium publication, a WordPress of their own.  […]

A Sign Post in my Writing Journey

(Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash) No catchy titles, no attention-grabbing intro. Just sharing what’s on my spirit.  Here’s the thing.  I notice my evolution on WordPress in my short 10 months on the platform.  I love WordPress for the intentions that brought me here: to find my voice, to house my thoughts in one place, to […]

The Kardashians: How Public Opinion Shapes and Shifts

(Photo via Everyone seems to have an opinion on the Kardashians. They can be very polarizing, which is why they present a perfect opportunity to explore the origins of one’s opinions. Per my last post, I’m following Ijeoma Oluo’s writing exercise and launching into my investigative process on how I came to hold my […]

Where Do Your Opinions Come From?

(Photo by Pexels) Not gonna lie – I procrastinated writing for several hours today. It doesn’t feel great.  There’s something in the background of all this app-switching between Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Medium and the subsequent bombardment and over-stimulation of clickbait, news, articles, images, and overall content that is deteriorating my attention span. It’s dangerous […]

My Biggest Achievements of 2021 So Far 

(Photo by Pexels) I got a new laptop! I’m so incredibly excited because it symbolizes the start of something new.  My old laptop lasted me well over 8 years and counting, and while it still functions with the basics, the screen glitches when I open it up, and that made me nervous.  If you’re like […]

4 Timeless French Fashion Tips to Enhance Your Style (Plus Thanksgiving Updates and My Bullet Journal)

(Photo by Napat Saeng on Unsplash) Greetings, friends, especially to the newcomers who have since followed my blog. Thank you for being here.  Thanksgiving Updates I am pleased to share that I survived Thanksgiving, if not flat out thrived. Seeing friends and family after many months has been an absolute blessing. Vibes were shared, food enjoyed, laughs had, and […]

5 Mindful Intentions To Cultivate Inner Peace This Thanksgiving Holiday

(Photo by Pexels) Millions of Americans are gearing up for the Thanksgiving holiday, as am I. I learned the history of Thanksgiving in school, where the narrative heavily favors the colonizers. Namely, they’re called European ‘settlers’ and ‘colonists’ instead of a more holistic, more accurate description: European colonizers. As ugly and painful as history is, […]


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