Why Celebrating the Fourth of July Feels More Wrong This Year

If I’m being honest Photo by Erica Marsland Huynh on Unsplash I don’t feel safe around anyone who proudly displays the United States flag because of what it’s come to represent. It feels like a threat. It smells like white supremacy. Most times, it looks like hate depending on who’s waving it. Ever since Trump’s presidency, and […]

What 100 Coffee Chats Taught Me About How To Live My Life In My Early 20s

4 motivational takeaways Photo by Sam Lion: At 22 years old, I worked in Washington DC for the federal government under the Obama administration, and nothing made me feel more powerful. Surrounded by smart, dedicated people full of career-related purpose, I felt empowered to live out my dreams. Anything was possible. Sadly, I worked […]

This Is How I Plan To Minimize Regret For the Rest of 2022

Minimize regret and maximize opportunity. Photo by “My Life Through A Lens” on Unsplash On the first day of every month, I wonder if it’s finally time for me to execute my 30 days of writing. The longer I’ve procrastinated on this idea, the more I’ve struggled internally. Well, I’m tired of that. It’s time to […]

I Changed My Mind On These 3 Things After I Turned 30

Things I believed at 21 that I no longer do “Working a 9-to-5 is for losers.” If you come from a privileged background that set you up to do whatever you wanted in life and you still chose to spend your time in a drab windowless cubicle farm, I would have absolutely judged you. If you had […]

7 Things I Learned About Writing Online in 2022 

And why I started writing on Medium at all. Photo by THERESE REYES I started writing on Medium straight out of college many years ago.  I had just finished a 100-day challenge where I publicly documented one thing that made me happy each day for 100 days. I gained so much insight from the journey that I […]

What’s New With Me: 3 Life Updates

1. I’m going back to the workforce.  I want to secure my financial future. Holding down a predictable income stream will relieve the pressure of feeling like my creative endeavors have to pay off overnight. I won’t be stopping there. Landing a job will only give me a foundation from which to build, and rest […]

Reflections on Creating Content on Medium and YouTube

Everyone needs a little place to call their own. A sanctuary. Somewhere to rest and let their hair down to be themselves. To me, that’s been this blog here on WordPress. My corner of the internet where I get to simply be. Others have a Youtube channel, a Medium publication, a WordPress of their own.  […]

A Sign Post in my Writing Journey

(Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash) No catchy titles, no attention-grabbing intro. Just sharing what’s on my spirit.  Here’s the thing.  I notice my evolution on WordPress in my short 10 months on the platform.  I love WordPress for the intentions that brought me here: to find my voice, to house my thoughts in one place, to […]


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