Where To Stay, What To Eat, And Things To Do In LA

A 2022 Los Angeles tourism guide Photo by Julian Myles on Unsplash Ahhh, Los Angeles, California. The cinematic capital of the United States. Hollywood glitz and glamour. Bright lights, celebrities, famous Youtubers. The media paints a sensational image of the city that’s hard to shake. It’s impossible not to want to visit, especially if you’re a big […]

Your Space Can Transform Your Life

How living in a women’s only dorm transformed mine Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash After graduating college, I felt ashamed of living in a women-only residence thanks to internalized misogyny. That old thing. “What would people think? Were women really full of gossip and drama? Will I have to dodge any cattiness?” As a surprise […]

How My Pandemic Hobbies Turned Into A Lifestyle

We’re almost three years in. It’s a lifestyle now. Photo by SJ . on Unsplash Remember when the world reopened last summer after people got their second jabs? It felt like a collective unclenching heading into a more hopeful future. People re-gathered and bonded over the awkwardness of renewed social connection. So out of practice, every conversation […]

Tips For When You Move To A New City

Especially when you don’t know anyone Photo by RODNAE Productions Moving somewhere new is disruptive at any age, whether it’s for a new job, further education, or simply just because. There’s so much to uproot: routines, relationships, community, work, home, school, neighborhoods, culture, a sense of self and identity, and more. For some, it may be […]

Why Create For 30 Days Straight

A deeper look into why the heck I am still doing this right now Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash When you forget why you commit to something, come back to your why. I’m 25 days deep into a 30-day writing journey, and I remind myself why every day. In this last week, I face the ultimate test. Can […]

How To Travel Like A Pro

Tips to maximize ease and comfort when you fly Photo by Salman Hossain Saif on Unsplash There’s no better time to ponder your existence than at 30,000 feet in a long metal tube going hundreds of miles an hour. Nothing brings up more existential questions than being wedged in a tiny seat next to strangers with nowhere […]

Life Lessons From My First 30 Years

I know I look 16 😂 Photo by the author Mindset Sometimes, the biggest obstacle we face is the fear of being seen. At work, in romance, with friends, creatively, or otherwise. Letting ourselves be vulnerable can be the first step toward releasing shame and finding genuine connection. There’s no better feeling than to be wholeheartedly seen […]

Pave The Way

A poem Photo of the Mekong River in Laos by Jules Nehlig on Unsplash. (Lao refugees crossed the river in search of a better life).  Our parents were practical. They needed to survive.In this new generation, our duty is to thrive,come alive and arrive at a place of comfort in our minds.A place beyond survival, a […]

Glory And Grind

A poem Photo of and by the author they f***ing love the glorybut they be hating the grindstill, the only thing that drives meis success on my mind gotta welcome the failuregonna push through the paingotta do what it takesto one day MAKE. IT. RAIN. she is climbing, she is goingall the way to the […]


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