How My Pandemic Hobbies Turned Into A Lifestyle

We’re almost three years in. It’s a lifestyle now.

Photo by SJ . on Unsplash

Remember when the world reopened last summer after people got their second jabs?

It felt like a collective unclenching heading into a more hopeful future.

People re-gathered and bonded over the awkwardness of renewed social connection. So out of practice, every conversation felt floppy and slightly cringe.

Pfizer or Moderna? When did you get it? How did you feel? Isn’t this nice?

One question made me think twice.

What were some of your pandemic hobbies?

At this point, those hobbies transformed into a full-blown lifestyle now that I’m in the middle of Pandemic Summer Part Three.

#1–Daily walks

I’ve walked almost every day since March of 2020. At the onset, it was every day. Then it became 4–5 times per week.

Each walk lasts about an hour and covers a bit under four miles.

Walking is a lifestyle. It’s part of who I am because it’s what I do.

Here’s what happened.

While getting fresh air, I reconnected with myself and my loved ones through phone calls. 
I sometimes listen to podcasts, music, and Youtube videos.
When I get back home, I feel calmer and more grounded.
Countless spiritual downloads and creative ideas have resulted from my walks. 
I keep in touch with people regularly, including loose connections I might otherwise forget. 
I’ve gone through two pairs of walking shoes, now in the market for my third. 
No significant changes have taken place physically, but my mental and emotional health feel stable. 
I feel clear-headed and confident tackling my long-term goals when I stay grounded in doing as basic an activity as walking every day.
I don’t take for granted my able-bodiedness, and I’m thankful every day that I get to walk.

#2–Smaller food portions

I eat smaller portions now to avoid the discomfort I used to feel from overeating or getting too full. This topic is tender and sensitive for most people as one’s relationship with food is personal, emotional, and can be somewhat psychological. This is just me.

Here’s what happened.

I lost a few pounds by virtue of eating less and maintaining my regular physical activity.
I don’t need as much to feel full or satisfied.
I have more food in store for future meals.
My clothes don’t fit as tightly as they once did.
I feel better in my own skin.
I no longer go through the mid-afternoon slump. It still happens, but it’s not as impactful on the flow of my days.

#3–Quiet solitude

I almost prefer to be alone these days. I used to go out and do things, rarely not seeing people. Now, being in the presence of my own company is both more tolerable and more welcomed. Due to forced circumstances, I can go days without leaving the house or talking to anyone other than my husband. My lovely spouse provides the companionship I need so as to not lose my mind.

Here’s what happened.

I’m much more selective about the social gatherings I do say yes to. Not like I get invited out that often either though.
I’m careful and intentional about who has access to my time and space.
With fewer in-person events competing for my attention, I’ve resorted to more online, social media-related distractions. This is something I need to address.

Closing Thoughts

All in all, the public health crisis has changed everyone in one way or another. I’d be curious to hear how your pandemic hobbies have turned into lifestyles as well.

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