Pave The Way

A poem

Photo of the Mekong River in Laos by Jules Nehlig on Unsplash. (Lao refugees crossed the river in search of a better life). 

Our parents were practical. They needed to survive.
In this new generation, our duty is to thrive,
come alive and arrive at a place of comfort in our minds.
A place beyond survival, a place beyond the grind.

Whatever brings you joy — it belongs to you.
If you can dream what you want, then you can be it, too.

“Doctor, lawyer, engineer, maybe businessperson,”
Our elders and society wanted us to steer
clear of risks with unguaranteed rewards.

What did they sacrifice if not to see us basking in awards?
But what if they sacrificed to give us the life that we craved?
They paved a sacred path so we could be strong and be brave.
So make space for yourself, get out of your own way.

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