My Great Resignation

A poem and a prayer

Photo by author

Late February 2021. 
Pictured here: a tired, spent, and burnt-out me on the day I decided
it was over. 

I quit my job with nothing lined up. 
I got burned. 
I was done. 
Most importantly, 
it was time. 

I showed myself out of a relentless numbing, a toxic beast, a harrowing myth. 

A twisted mentality that working all day, 
making someone else money 
would somehow give my life purpose, meaning, or impact. 

Spoiler — it didn’t and it doesn’t and it never did. 

Here’s a finger to capitalism and Wh*te supremacy 
(they go hand-in-hand) 
because as it turns out, 
the boss… 

is me.

Fast forward to now.

Little did I know, I was riding a wave, a movement, a collective, conscious awakening. The “Great Resignation” means the tides are shifting. 

We’re no longer asleep. We’re waking up, rising. 

The call was so great that I could do nothing but surrender. As I write this today, I have never been happier; never felt more at peace. 

In my peaceful state of knowing, I rest and rejoice. 
I have never looked back.

May we all find the courage to heed our own calling, to let our guard down, and listen intently. 
May we quiet the mind and slow down the body. 
May we reach a place of stillness long enough to look ourselves in the eye. May we tune into our hearts and out of our minds.
Our busy, chaotic, distracted minds. 
May we tune into, instead, the faint and gentle whispers of our heart’s greatest contents, 
our soul’s deepest desires. 
We know what to do. 
But do we dare do it?

© Melissa Chanthalangsy 2021

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Written circa June 2021

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