Welcome to Limitless Creative: A Medium Publication

In the pursuit of creative expansion

Image by the author via Canva

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” — Simon Sinek

I created a publication on Medium titled “Limitless Creative.” Welcome!

Why “Limitless Creative”?

I used to hold limiting beliefs about what I could and could not do, and it wasn’t until recently that I understood how my true spirit was indeed without limits; in other words, limitless.

Limiting beliefs held me back from becoming my fullest, most realized self, so naming this space “Limitless” reclaims who I am and reinstates my limitless creative potential.

Creativity is something that we humans fall back on any time there’s a major disruption in our lives. We turn to books, film, cinema, stories, music, cuisines, art, poetry, and dance as creative means for self-expression when chaos reigns on the outside world.

So to come back to who we are, we turn inward and tap into our limitless well of creativity to share our wisdom, our struggles, and our truths as we express and emote.

Limitless Creative is empowering. It’s a declaration, an affirmation that I am indeed a creative person and that my potential is limitless.

The story behind the logo

The logo depicts a meditative woman with shining stars in her hair wrapped around a waning moon. A starry night sky ordains her flowing mane. This depiction represents my middle name which means Lady of the Stars or Princess of the Celestial Bodies, whichever suits your fancy. 

Image by the author via Canva

Once again, welcome to Limitless Creative, where you will find thought-provoking stories in my most authentic voice on culture, society, the self, life lessons, and leveling up.

Thanks for being here!

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