What It Feels Like To Choose Joy

A choice we make every day

Photo by Calvin Mano on Unsplash

Joy is more profound than happiness.

Joy is not something to chase or pursue.

It’s something to make room for, something to make time for. 

It’s the warmth of your bed in the morning. It’s the cuddle you receive from a loved one.

It’s the sunrise at dawn and sunset at dusk.

Joy is within you. Within your every day moments.

It’s something to observe and create. Something to let unfold.

It’s the deep breath you take when you realize you’re frazzled.

It’s the stretch of your spine when you’ve been sitting too long.

It’s the laughter you receive when you hit the punchline.

It’s the smile you’re offered by a stranger walking by.

It’s your hot beverage in the morning.

The splash of water that cleans your face.

It’s the moment you’re just about to fall asleep, the caress of the warmth that engulfs you.

Joy is the smell of freshly cleaned sheets. 

The breeze in your hair in the summertime, the crunching sounds of fallen leaves, the peaceful sight of snow in the winter, the cherry blossoms come spring.

Joy is finding comfort in the company of others. It’s attracting the people who get you.

Joy is found in the mundane routine of everyday life. You just have to look. It’s there.

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