My Biggest Achievements of 2021 So Far 

(Photo by Pexels)

I got a new laptop! I’m so incredibly excited because it symbolizes the start of something new. 

My old laptop lasted me well over 8 years and counting, and while it still functions with the basics, the screen glitches when I open it up, and that made me nervous. 

If you’re like me, managing your digital data is such a time-consuming process. Some documents have content that triggers old emotions and memories, so cleaning up my laptop is just as emotionally demanding as decluttering physical spaces, like a closet full of clothes. 

I wholly intend to use my new machine to create more value as a content creator. 

I also want to pat myself on the back for my ability to comfortably afford this new machine – financial flex, level unlocked. 

Speaking of flexes, I read a tweet by Lauren Chanel Allen (@MichelleHux) that reads:

In the spirit of bragging on myself, which I have never done before so casually and publicly, I would like to drop a few 2021 flexes as a celebration of my accomplishments and a recognition of how far I’ve come. 

My Asian-influenced meekness and humility need balancing out. I need to build myself up and increase my self-confidence, and this exercise will certainly help. 

This year, in 2021, I:

  • Left a workplace environment that, put simply, was not the right fit. In the process, I preserved my wellness, self-love, and self-respect;
  • Hopped off the hamster wheel, swinging in a leap of faith without anything lined up for the first time in my life because I knew I deserve better and I am worthy of more;
  • Gave myself permission to deeply and profoundly rest, free of guilt; 
  • Pursued my creative outlet and made revenue from my writing for the first time in my life;
  • Shared and wrote stories that resonated with readers who told me my stories made them feel seen, encouraged, and inspired;
  • Created and launched my first website and blog where I am slowly and surely finding my voice to speak, write, and live fearlessly and unapologetically;
  • Cultivated a small and growing audience;
  • Underwent a deep spiritual awakening and transformation, which allowed me to make space in my life to fulfill my higher mission 

The real flex is being tuned in with such precision to my needs that I know exactly how to address each of them. Like, how much food I need to eat, how much sleep my body wants, and when to incorporate movement in my day, and which type of movement. That’s self-mastery, and I want to keep going! 

What are your biggest flexes of this year? 

Cheers and have a splendid weekend!


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