4 Timeless French Fashion Tips to Enhance Your Style (Plus Thanksgiving Updates and My Bullet Journal)

(Photo by Napat Saeng on Unsplash)

Greetings, friends, especially to the newcomers who have since followed my blog. Thank you for being here. 

Thanksgiving Updates

I am pleased to share that I survived Thanksgiving, if not flat out thrived. Seeing friends and family after many months has been an absolute blessing. Vibes were shared, food enjoyed, laughs had, and memories made.

(Photo by the Author. Thanksgiving spread 2021.)

I am thankful to have spent it with people whose company I welcomed and who also welcomed mine. 

An empathetic and forgiving attitude while assuming positive intent are what propelled away any negative energy from people in my surroundings. My mom helped shape my mindset when she texted me this wholesome reminder: “Be positive, joyful, thankful, and grateful.” 

To follow up from last week’s post on my intentions to cultivate inner peace on Thanksgiving, I’ll admit that I succeeded in four out of the five intentions. The one I didn’t quite nail was to maintain my foundational morning routine. 

I committed to my skincare regimen, but skipped out on my yoga practice mainly due to logistical reasons. Next time, I’ll see how I can incorporate yoga, movement, and mindfulness throughout the day, even if it means I do so away from the mat. Oh, in the end, I never did get my hands on a new track suit. 

French Fashion Tips

Despite starting this blog to write for myself, I’m starting to realize how much I value sharing little insights or lessons learned with you, my readers. 

In that spirit, here is a list of fashion-related nuggets that I’ve recently learned to appreciate and that I’m putting into practice: 

  1. Wear a maximum of three colors on any given outfit. Aim to wear no more than three colors as part of your outfit. Some classic go-to colors include navy, black, white, beige, light gray, and brown as your foundation. Pops of color to complement include red, lavender, green, or orange via accessories like a scarf, red lipstick, and/or nails.
  1. Avoid sneakers or tennis shoes. Sneakers and tennis shoes automatically dress down your outfits to make them look more sporty and athletic. Booties, boots, and loafers – usually black, brown, or beige – tend to elevate the look you’re going for. Comfort and style can co-exist. 
  1. Commit to pants that aren’t jeans. Jeans are great, but there are a variety of pants made from other fabrics and colors waiting to be enjoyed and appreciated. Corduroy pants, linen trousers, to name just a few. 
  1. Tailor your clothes to fit your body. Big jackets and such are trendy right now. However, clothes that fit will never go out of style.

Admittedly, I don’t enjoy shopping or put much thought in what I wear, but I am certainly in a phase right now where I want to take on fashion influence from my French origins to embody a timeless and seemingly effortless style.

I learned these techniques by watching my French family’s wardrobe, so I’m very confident in how these tidbits can enhance your fashion sense and elevate your style game. Thank the French, not me. 

Bullet Journal For December 2021

Moving forward, I’m excited to welcome December into my life. I created a colorful habit-tracking calendar in my bullet journal with daily healthy habits I aim to practice as I set myself up for success in 2022. 

(Photo by Author. Bullet Journal.)

It reads: one-mile run, writing, reading, meditating, journaling, learning something new, and going on a walk. At the bottom of the page, it reads:

Create the life you want to LIVE!

We’ll see how much I’ll fill out this calendar. I love being able to visualize my accomplishments at the end of each month.

What daily habits are you forming and/or building upon as we enter a new month? 

Thank you for reading – I’ll be back to post something on Thursday! Until then, take care. 


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