5 Easy Self-Care Tips For When You Have the Common Cold

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Please consult your doctor and/or a certified healthcare professional if you are sick and in need of care. The below content is for entertainment purposes only. (Photo by Pexels)

I have not caught the common cold in almost two whole years, knock on wood!

I don’t miss feeling sick at all. The last time I came down with a cold two or three years ago (I can’t remember the exact year – what is time), it really knocked me out. 

I remember taking the shuttle home mid-day from classes, driving to Wal-Mart, and buying oranges and bananas, cough drops, honey, tea, lemons, and some new sweatpants. 

Once cozied up at home, I made myself hot water with lemon and honey, and I sipped it till my throat felt soothed. I also had a headache and it was so unpleasant.

I make sure to facilitate my body’s recovery process so that I can get back to living my normal life. And to think that I used to feel so guilty for taking the day off work when I got a cold… phew! I’m so glad I grew past those days and that my values are re-aligned to what matters most: my health.

Below are my five go-to self-care practices for when you think you have a cold. 

  1. Rest

Take a nap. Read a book. Watch a movie. Do some yoga. Stretch. Relax. Meditate. Whatever it is that calms you down, do that. Your body doesn’t need any extra stress when it’s trying to heal. Extra sleep helps. 

  1. Drink plenty of fluids

As mentioned, I love to combine hot water with lemon and honey, and sometimes I’ll throw in a ginger or mint tea bag for extra flavor. I also make and eat hot soup to add to my fluid intake. 

  1. Blow your nose

I once learned in freshman biology (high school freshman, not college freshman) that when you have a runny nose, that stuff wants to come out of your body. It’s supposed to be expelled. My biggest pet peeve in the entire universe is when people sniff and sniffle. Stop keeping it in against its will and blow your got dang nose! Get that stuff OUT of your body!

If your throat hurts, gargle your throat with warm salt water. I tried it once, and it eased the soreness.

  1. Stay at home if you can – otherwise, wear a mask and wash your hands

The most privileged people in our society have the option to stay at home and minimize contact with other people. Needless to say, in this day and age, you can never be too cautious when it comes to public health. For those on the front lines, wear a mask and wash your hands. You’re the true heroes!

  1. Get a COVID test and isolate until further notice

For peace of mind, I would get a COVID test if symptoms don’t ease up within a day or two. Thankfully, I’m fully vaccinated, so I have that extra protection and relative peace of mind. When I go out to run my errands, I still wear a mask to protect myself and others due to the breakthrough cases that many have seen in the last few months. 

Always wash your hands when you get home from being outside. Stay safe and be well out there! 

Next week, I’ll post again on Monday and will take the rest of the week off during the Thanksgiving holiday. Until then, have a great weekend!


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