Positive Affirmations To Close Out Your Week

Today marks the fifth consecutive day of me writing and publishing on this here blog, and it feels rewarding.

Last night, I felt tired from what I recognize to be the fringes of end-of-week burnout. I sense burnout all too well. Anyone working an 8-to-5 job for five consecutive days knows how to power through because the energy depletion is real. 

No wonder some view adulthood as “I just need to get through this week” until the end of their lives. 

I used to live that way, and ever since I quit my job and walked through my spiritual awakening, I don’t anymore. I live every day exactly the way I want to, and I’m so thankful for that opportunity. (More details to come on my experience when the time is right!) 

My takeaway so far? 

This week’s 6-day writing experiment reinforces my endorsement of the four-day workweek. If I were to re-enter the workforce for whatever reason, a key requirement for my ideal future employer would be to have fully embraced and implemented a four-day workweek. Any other policy is behind the times and is too hyped up on capitalism. And that’s a NO from me.


While I reflected on today’s post and topic, nothing in particular came to mind. In fact, I was afraid the words wouldn’t come. Thankfully, they’re flowing.

The beauty of my personal blog and personal writing practice is that I write for me. 

Does that sell? No.
Is selling the point? Also, no.

There’s beauty in existing for the sake of existing – this space is for me to simply be who I am while making a mark on the internet as proof that I was here.

I am here.

Existential, I know, but if you’re still reading till now, I think you feel me. 

I will conclude this post with positive affirmations to help you close out your week with rest, relaxation, motivation, and inspiration. 

Thank you for reading!


What’s mine will come in due time. 

I create with consistency.
I approach my practice with love.
I show up every day.
I maintain a healthy and sustainable pace.

As a result of my labor, I shall reap the rewards.

I know what’s best for me and I act accordingly. 

Courage comes to those Still enough to listen and Love enough to act.
My actions are powered and guided by Love, Source, and Spirit.  

I am blessed.
I am abundant. 
I am loved. 
I am seen.
I am accepted. 
I am enough. 
I am without limits, boundless, free.
I am free. 

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