Note to Self and Whoever Needs to Hear It

Note to Self and Whoever Needs to Hear It

Featured Image by dylan nolte on Unsplash

“Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou

If I were to be my own boss, I need to show up for myself the way I would if I were reporting to someone else. Why would I report to someone else with all of my might and energy, all of my time and focus, all of my talents, wisdom, and ideas if I don’t do the same for me? Where is the self-respect? Where is the self-discipline?

Things have to change. 

I acknowledge that all seasons have their purpose, have their moments, have their say. It’s been five months since I left the place that sent me paychecks. Sure, I’ve made some coin from self-employment, a few to clink here and there. Still, I have so much more to give, so what am I waiting for? 

The meaning I’ll assign to the last five months is rest. Pure, blissful, much-needed rest. A reset. A redesign. An absolutely lovely time. I needed it. And now I’m ready. 

To all those who need to hear it: put your pedal on the metal. It’s time to go. Show the world who you really are. Provide value only you can provide. Reap the rewards from your own self-discipline and from the labor of love you think the world needs. Let’s do this thing. Together. 

Thanks for reading – onwards!!!

Shout-out to Mistah Hindz, my go-to mental reset motivator and self-mastery message-bearer. Check out his video and his channel:

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