Note to Self and Whoever Needs to Hear It

Featured Image by dylan nolte on Unsplash

“Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou

If I were to be my own boss, I need to show up for myself the way I would if I were reporting to someone else. Why would I report to someone else with all of my might and energy, all of my time and focus, all of my talents, wisdom, and ideas if I don’t do the same for me? Where is the self-respect? Where is the self-discipline?

Things have to change. 

I acknowledge that all seasons have their purpose, have their moments, have their say. It’s been five months since I left the place that sent me paychecks. Sure, I’ve made some coin from self-employment, a few to clink here and there. Still, I have so much more to give, so what am I waiting for? 

The meaning I’ll assign to the last five months is rest. Pure, blissful, much-needed rest. A reset. A redesign. An absolutely lovely time. I needed it. And now I’m ready. 

To all those who need to hear it: put your pedal on the metal. It’s time to go. Show the world who you really are. Provide value only you can provide. Reap the rewards from your own self-discipline and from the labor of love you think the world needs. Let’s do this thing. Together. 

Thanks for reading – onwards!!!

Shout-out to Mistah Hindz, my go-to mental reset motivator and self-mastery message-bearer. Check out his video and his channel:


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