Speak your goals into existence

In this lifetime, I would like to:

  1. Write three books and have them published, sold, and enjoyed by the masses
  2. Make a living off my writing
  3. House my work in different publications
  4. Run a community-based, grass-roots yoga studio
  5. Turn my stories into a movie adaptation with a large enough budget to qualify for nominations and awards
  6. Work on a campaign to get a candidate into office
  7. Understand my role in racism so I know how to be and do better
  8. Take my spouse to Japan with money I earned 
  9. Take my family on vacation, including mom, dad, brother, spouse
  10. Go to Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark in one trip
  11. Go to Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland in one trip
  12. Take my spouse to Italy and do a tour d’Italie
  13. Go to India and visit: Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, New Delhi, and some mountains
  14. Go on a family vacation to Southeast Asia, including Laos, Thailand, and dare I say: Vietnam!
  15. Take my spouse to Indonesia, Singapore, and South Korea in one trip
  16. Speak on stage to 500 people
  17. Speak on stage to 1000 people
  18. Speak for a good cause, like climate change and/or social justice and equality 
  19. Share a stage with Lilly Singh
  20. Perform stand-up in New York, LA, and San Francisco and hopefully not bomb 
  21. Exercise regularly and feel good in my mind and body as a daily practice
  22. Nurture and love a living being, other than myself  
  23. Keep at least three friends in close contact at any given time for the rest of my life
  24. Have a place to call my own to build generational wealth 
  25. Spend as much time as possible with my loved ones near and far
  26. Spread truth and positivity through my networks and platforms as much as I can 

For anyone who dares to dream, may you find the courage and resolve to speak your own goals into existence. Doing so is not for the faint of heart. Have faith, do work, and it shall be… 

Let’s do this.

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